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About My Products

Hello! My name is Anita

I have a real passion for printing photos on wood. Since starting my small craft business in 2016. I have gained plenty of experience and I constantly strive to develop and broaden the range of designs I produce. I hope their style reflects my passion and love in creating them.

Pictures on wood are made to individual orders, so each one is original and unique. Each piece will contain beautiful marks and features that only Mother Nature herself can provide. This means you can expect things like cracks, shakes, and knots.

As wood changes in time and has a story to tell each, so the picture has its one of a kind look. These photos have a rustic hint and are slightly worn, and you can see the wood patterns most of the time.

Personalised wood photo

Are you looking for a custom printed personalised photo gift? A special gift for your love, friends, family members or for yourself? A rustic wooden photo in your living space?

If that's a yes then having your photos printed on pine wood will be perfect for you.I can bring your favourite family photo or a quote or anything you can imagine to life by printing them directly onto a pine wood. High quality timber ensures a long-lasting product that will stand the test of time.

Final finish look

My special offer for finishing the burnt edges. This style gives a really unique finish for the final item and accentuates the rustic look.

There are some photos that suggest the natural finish. I always contact my customers about it and we make the final decision together.

When the item is ready I always send a photo of it to my customers. In this way they can see the final item and I don't post it until they confirm their happiness.


I make my items in many different sizes. from 5.5 x 7.5 to 30 x 40 inches. It always depends on the real image quality.

All my wood photos are 1.2 inches deep so the smaller sizes are free standing.Orientation – Landscape, Portrait

I would be most grateful for any impressions you may wish to share upon visiting the site.